REGION-STROY SEVER LLC (reinforced concrete products plant)

LLC ZHBI Plant Region-Stroy North

LLC ZHBI Plant Region-Stroy North

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Two-line concrete plant and a specialized site for the manufacture of reinforced concrete products. Region-Stroy Sever is the leading manufacturing enterprise of the Dubna region. A full-cycle enterprise for the production of ready-mixed concrete and reinforced concrete products was created under an exclusive investment project from scratch to ensure the state order in the development of the science city of Dubna and the Special Economic Zone. The plant is located in the science city of Dubna, Moscow Region, and has been operating since 2008. For more than 12 years, every day  the whole year round, the plant has been providing uninterrupted supplies of concrete, mortar, expanded clay concrete, sand concrete and reinforced concrete products to facilities in the Moscow and Tver regions.

The two-line concrete plant operates on modern European equipment, consisting of two independent material supply lines with a capacity of 220 cubic meters per hour. Each line is equipped with a steam generator and provides heating of inert materials in winter. The supply of cement, inert materials and additives to the mixture is carried out automatically. The plant is designed for the simultaneous loading of two concrete trucks. Qualified specialists with many years of experience help to avoid mistakes and make the right choice of the composition. Also, for customers, individual recipes that are best suited to the tasks being solved are compiled. All products are tested in an accredited laboratory: 22 types of laboratory tests cover all the needs of construction companies. Favorable prices are provided by the presence of railway, auto and water ways of materials delivery.

During its operation the plant made provision for a lot of construction projects of private, public and commercial construction. Among the significant objects stands out the Bridge across the Volga river in Dubna. It was the most ambitious and long-awaited construction project for the science city of Dubna. The scale is amazing: more than 500 piles 12 meters long have been manufactured. A unique concrete composition was developed for laying in water in a special formwork at the bottom of the Volga River. Our plant adapted to the customer - the work was carried out on a 24-hourbasis and as a result, the construction was completed successfully ahead of schedule. The construction of Russian largest mega-science project, the NICA accelerator complex at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, is supported by uninterrupted supplies of concrete produced by our plant.

To implement this complex project, a special concrete recipe was developed. It made it possible to pour enclosing structures 4 meters thick without compromising resistibility. At the request of engineers and scientists, a 2x2 meter cube was made. It was tested for compliance with the stringent requirements for the construction of the accelerator complex. All tests were completed successfully and now the 4-meter thick walls of the collider tunnels made of our concrete reliably protect the city from possible radiation, and the collider is functioning successfully.

Concrete is supplied to chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries located in the Dubna SEZ. Several construction companies in Moscow and the Moscow region choose our services for the construction of high-rise apartment buildings. Wide popularity and impeccable reputation of the plant attracts many customers. Any client, both an individual or a company, is confident in the high quality of products and the absence of financial risks when dealing with our plant.