DBK - experience gained over the years

Dubna Concrete Construction Corporation Limited Liability Company was established in 2018 as an organization providing a wide range of quality services in the construction market of the Moscow Region and beyond. DBK represent companies that have been operating in the Moscow region market for many years in the following areas: rental, construction, production and sale of cold-rolled reinforcement, production of ready-mixed concrete and various concrete products, slabs, foundation blocks, and other reinforced concrete products. Among products there are also PAG 14, PAG 18 slabs and small architectural forms. Companies in the representing group have a wide range of resource, material and technical facilities: logistics centers, warehouse complexes in the Moscow region, a fleet of construction, automotive and specialized equipment, testing grounds, engineering and construction laboratories, cement-packing and metalworking production sites. The enterprises of companies operate throughout Russia: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The companies have material and resource facilities in the river ports of the Volga basin of the Central Federal District. The river cargo fleet of companies ensures the delivery of non-metallic materials, both to their own production sites and directly to the Customer. The companies also provide services to retailers and individual entrepreneurs in the rental of warehouse space from 50 to 5,000 sq.m. in modern logistics centers of the Moscow region.

Our companies in the Central Federal District

  • Two-line concrete plant and a specialized site for the manufacture of reinforced concrete products. Region-Stroy Sever is the leading manufacturing enterprise of the Dubna Concrete Construction Corporation. It is located in the science city of Dubna, Moscow Region and has been operating since 2008.
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